About the pottery studio

Jeannie Awesome loves to teach pottery just about anywhere she can. Currently she is teaching at 3 locations. She has a home garage studio in West Valley City set up for smaller class sizes and clay workshops or demonstrations. Pioneer Craft House in South Salt Lake is where she can accommodate larger class sizes (schedule is on the home page). Jeannie is also volunteering to teach at an elementary/middle school in the avenues for fun. She has also set up pottery classes/parties in backyards and other remote locations as we have a handful of portable potters wheels, extension cords etc.

Playing in the mud is FUN! We believe that everyone should have fun in life and get muddy while they are at it. There is something truly awesome about the wonders of clay on the soul, it is very calming and some even say zen-like. When the stresses of the world get pressing down on us, it is therapeutic to grab a chunk of clay and work out all the frustrations. The clay doesn’t mind. In fact the clay will work as a healthy outlet for your troubles and feelings that might be stuck. Somehow clay seems to know exactly how to calm people. as an instructor I have watched kids and adults put their hands in the mud, relax and have a great time. We don’t feel that you must create masterpieces to enjoy the benefits of playing in the mud. (Masterpieces will come after you’ve made a healthy relationship with the clay.) Just mashing clay and letting the clay show you what it wants to do is a great start. We all have to start somewhere. Life is not about the destination, it is all about the journey.

Open Classroom mugs on display